Successful partnerships benefit staff

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David Miron UNE, Tanya Hopwood and Michael Smart Pathfinders

The partnership between UNE and Pathfinders Ltd continues to grow as the two organisations collaborate on a range of projects.  On 8th October 2015,  Pathfinders staff from across the NENW region, foster carers and representatives from UNE came together for a seminar on ‘Compassion Fatigue’.  The seminar was presented by Ms Tanya Hopwood a PhD candidate in the School of Psychology at UNE.  Ms Hopwood is the recipient of a Pathfinders ‘top-up’ scholarship given her work closely aligns with a topic of significant interest to the organisation.  It represents a desire, on the part of both partners, to make the links between the latest research and the work undertaken on the ground by community organisations.  The seminar was an excellent example of a mutually beneficial relationship.  Over 20 staff were able to hear from Tanya about the warning signs of Compassion Fatigue, how to look after oneself and other practical strategies to get more ‘Compassion Satisfaction’.  The informative talk gave staff an insight into the research behind what many experience each day and those practical things to be done to ensure lasting empathy and job satisfaction.  The seminar is part of Ms Hopwood’s ongoing research with Pathfinders and further individual sessions will be held with staff around what works and doesn’t.