Company Profile

Pathfinders Ltd is a not-for-profit company operating across the New England North West and Mid North Coast regions of New South Wales. Pathfinders operates a broad suite of programs, projects and services aiming to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for children, youth and families within the communities we service. Pathfinders is committed and passionate about community engagement and development, and assisting every individual to become a valued and contributing member within the communities in which they live.

Pathfinders’ programs and services include:

  • Youth social, recreational and vocational centres and programs
  • Child protection and family referral services to ensure assistance gets to families and their children when they need it
  • Pathfinders’ National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program, providing free birth certificates and registrations for the Aboriginal community
  • Specialist Homelessness Services including our Women and Children’s Refuge and  supported accommodation services for young people
  • Support Your Path (NDIS support services)
  • Aboriginal Early Years Program
  • Links to Learning
  • Regional youth centre providing vocational skills development, education and accreditation
  • Provision of long-term residential Out-of-Home Care services and foster care programs for children and young people under the guardianship of the Minister for Community Services
  • Parenting and family strengthening workshops and information sessions
  • Provision of family preservation services, supervised contact, therapeutic camps/activities and after care services to vulnerable children, young people and their families
  • Disability support services
  • Field placements and training for local TAFE and University students seeking employment in human services

For more information on any of the various Pathfinders programs and services, please click here.

Mission and Vision Statements

Pathfinders Vision

Thriving communities, in which all fully participate and develop freely through mutual trust and acceptance.

Pathfinders Mission

To empower people to live with hope and equal opportunity to achieve their potential.

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