Linking together through our region

Our Linkers in Glen Innes and Moree, Jason & Jill have done some great work to support Brent ride across the country from east to west.

Brent suffers from bipolar, grew up in a broken home, suffered from abuse and was in the foster care system from the age of 10. His education never furthered from year 8. He was on the streets, committing crimes to survive and joined an Outlaw Motorcycle club and was eventually convicted of importing drugs and sentenced to prison. During this time he battle severe depression and suicide.

During his time in prison, the idea of Heavy Hiterz came to him. Now on the outside, Brent has put his thoughts in to action. Heavy Hiterz aims to develop programs and support strategies for those living with mental illness, and their families, whilst continuing to evolve as a forum for people to help one another.

Brent is now riding across the country to raise funds and awareness of mental illness. Ability Links is proud to assist him while he is riding through the towns we service.