Nick Levy’s artworks on display in Tamworth

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.51.56 amOur long term out of home care worker, Nick Levy, has experienced significant success as an Aboriginal painter and has had his works exhibited in Japan, Sydney Opera House and the Queensland State Library as well as numerous local and regional galleries.

Next week, along with two other Aboriginal local artists, Adele Chapman-Burgess and Jodie Herden, Nick’s works will be on display at the Binaalbaa Aboriginal Learning Centre in Tamworth.

A lifelong love of art, particularly dreamtime stories, Nick’s works are a fusion of contemporary and traditional art forms and reflect his Gamilaroi and Ngarrabul heritage.

“I have learnt a lot about our culture through talking with our elders who are the custodians of our stories,” Nick said.

“I transfer these stories to my paintings, which allows the next generation, and the wider community, to understand and appreciate our culture.

In his day job Nick works for Pathways’ out of home care residency in Armidale, looking after disadvantaged and trouble teenagers. He’s been with us for 11 years.

“At any time we
have up to six kids living in the home, helping them pursue education or work opportunities as well as developing their living and social skills.

“About 40% of the youths are Aboriginal and I am able to share what I have learned about our culture from the elders with the kids. For many of them they have never had a chance to discuss their place in the world from a cultural aspect. The stories I share help them to understand how our identity has been shaped.

“And if they are interested I am always willing to teach them about painting – it is very therapeutic and they have a chance to express their feelings and emotions in a creative and artistic way.”

Nick’s exhibition will run from 26 August until 23 September.