Pathfinders Welcomes Plan for Children and Young People

26 July 2016


CEO of Pathfinders, Alan Brennan, welcomed the release today of the NSW Government’s three-year strategic plan for Children and Young People.

“The plan, prepared by the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People, will be a blueprint for developing and improving services for children. For the first time the plan deeply reflects a significant input from more than 4000 NSW children around the kinds of services they believe will make a difference,” Mr Brennan said.

“To have this level of input from those who will be directly affected by the plan means that it will have greater resonance and relevance.”

Mr Brennan said he particularly welcomed the plan’s focus on the areas where Pathfinders has a direct involvement.

“Addressing disadvantage such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, social exclusion and isolation are just some of our priorities. Access to a safe home environment, crisis accommodation, transitioning from home and school to independent living and training for young people in rural and regional centres are central to the work we do on a daily basis.”

Mr Brennan said he hoped the plan would facilitate stronger relationships across all organisations delivering services for families and children in the New England and North West Tablelands and Mid North Coast regions where Pathfinders currently provides services.

For further information please contact Karen Lawlor, Pathfinders on 67711527.

The report can be accessed at http://www.acyp.nsw.gov.au/plan