Our Projects

Pathfinders offers a diverse range of programs and services to achieve positive outcomes for children, young people and families. Our suite of services provides a continuum of support from prevention and early intervention to crisis support and permanent long-term care to more than 3000 children, young people and families per year.

Aboriginal Transition to School Program

            Pathfinders Aboriginal Transition to School Program (ATTS) is a service to provide Aboriginal children between the ages of 3 and 6 years with access to quality pre-school and school education. Our goal is to make the transition to school as successful as possible for the child and their... View Article

Pathfinders Pumpkin Run

For the past four years, our Pathfinders Pumpkin Run has been a great success in helping our at-risk youth and the disadvantaged. By donating pumpkins and cooking meals to those in need across New South Wales, our young people engage in the action of generosity and feel a sense of pride giving back to the... View Article

Links to Learning

Links to Learning is a program funded by the NSW Government and administered by the NSW Department of Education. Under the 2017 – 2019 Links to Learning Community Grants Program, Pathfinders has been approved  to deliver targeted programs to students in Year 6 through Year 11 who are at risk of disengaging from learning... View Article

Inverell Family Youth Support Services (IFYSS)

IFYSS focuses on developing family environments that value, nurture and protect children. IFYSS provides a broad range of family support, adolescent and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services including: advocacy; skills development including parenting, living skills, relationships, self-esteem and coping skills; interagency information; referrals to other services; hosting courses and information workshops on various... View Article

Ability Links

Ability Links New South Wales is a new initiative to build social inclusion for people with disability, their families and carers across NSW.  Ability Links aims to assist people with disability to be valued and equal members of their communities and to help build a society where people with disability enjoy inclusive lives in all... View Article

National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program

The PNABC program is currently not running, but Pathfinders is determined to source additional funds to keep this vital program operating. An estimated 300,000 Australians have not had their births registered and 500,000 do not have a birth certificate.  As a consequence, many people struggle to fully participate in Australian society without this simple... View Article

International Projects

Pathfinders is proudly partnering two international projects; Crescent Education & Volunteer Disability Service – Ghana In 2012 Pathfinders teamed up with the Crescent Education & Volunteer Service in Ghana, West Africa. This partnership has allowed this service to build a Disability Assessment and Support Centre. This new centre will allow local individuals living with... View Article

Tilbuster Station

Tilbuster Station was gifted to Pathfinders by a private benefactor. Their wish was that the property be used for child and youth development, and the support of families. The property is utilised as a venue to continue and expand upon the work that Pathfinders does with at risk youth and local families. Through this... View Article

Non Placement Support Services (NPSS)

Pathfinders Non Placement Support Services The NPSS program is a fee-for-service brokerage partnership between Pathfinders and Community Services and other NGOs, whereby a range of services are provided for children and young people in Out-of-Home-Care (OOHC) and their families through Individual Client Agreements (ICA). The aim of the program is to enable children and... View Article

Family Referral Service (FRS)

Family Referral Service (FRS) is a key initiative under the Government’s Keep Them Safe Action Plan. These new services are implemented by NSW Health. FRS assists children and young people who do not meet the statutory threshold for child protection intervention but would benefit from accessing support to address current problems and prevent future escalations. FRS provides information and links... View Article

Pathways Out-of-Home Care: Residential Care

The Pathways Out of Home Care (OOHC) program offers both Residential and Foster Care options for young people. Pathways Residential provides a safe and nurturing environment for young people ranging in ages from 12 to 17 years who are in need of alternative accommodation due to being unable to live with their parents, kinfolk... View Article

Pathfinders Specialist Homelessness Services

Pathfinders Specialist Homelessness Services is the delivery of specialist homelessness services through the Going Home Staying Home reforms, with an increased focus on early intervention so people access the right support locally, when they need it and before they reach crisis point.  Under this new system, people who become homeless will be rehoused as... View Article