Supporting Hope in a Suitcase this Christmas

Pathfinders will be supporting Hope in a Suitcase until the end of December.

Hope in a Suitcase volunteers across Australia collect everyday items to create gifts for children starting their foster care journey. When a child enters foster care it can often happen unexpectedly, meaning children don’t always get time to collect their belongings. Hope in a Suitcase creates gifts that have: a set of pyjamas, essential toiletries, underwear and a change of clothes. They also include a toy or book, journal or colouring-in book for each child.

These gifts ensure children have their very own safe and secure place to pack their belongings to take with them wherever their journey may lead. To support Hope in a Suitcase, you can leave a donation at any Pathfinders Office between business hours Monday – Friday.

A complete list of suitable items can be found on their website at www.hopeinasuitcase.com.au

Items suggestion: nappies, wipes, baby washers, bath toys, story books, pyjamas, clothing, journals, and toiletries

Ages 0 – 12 years +

Items will be accepted until December 20th 2022.