We have some exciting news!


The team at Pathfinders are excited to announce they are one a step closer to opening their new Supported Independ Living Facility.

Pathfinders purchased Rose Villa with the intention to redevelop it to the necessary standard to support the delivery of the NSW government’ Supported Independent Living program (SIL). The program is aimed at preparing and supporting young people in making smooth transitions from Out-of-Home Care to independent living, self-reliance, and adult hood.

The team from Uni Plan Group of Armidale have begun the process of installing a new kitchen, dining, and recreational lounge area. The upgraded facility will offer 10 units, one 3-bedroom residence and one fully self-contained unit.

The facility will be used by our young people who are in care or transitioning from care to live independently. As well they will be assessed by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) as having the capacity to live independently after a period of tailored support.

CEO of Pathfinders Alan Brennan and Mark Crompton Senior Manager of Finance agree; “The new facility will bring so much value to our community creating more opportunities for young people to learn how to take care of themselves and to be independent citizens in our community.”

Mark added, “Too many of us take it for granted as we grow up learning a whole range of life skills, but there is a cohort of people in our society that unfortunately don’t get the same opportunities. Having this facility complete give us the opportunity to bring these young people together and teach them life skills, how to cook, how to clean, to look after themselves and engage in society. Pathfinders is all about giving young people opportunities. This facility and this particular project is going to let us support these young people in our community.”

We would like to once again thank The FutureSteps Open Grant Program administered by Community Enterprise Foundation for making this possible by the generous support of Lendlease FutureSteps. FutureSteps works with established charities and community organisations to deliver shelter and housing projects, including support services. Pathfinders are grateful for FutureSteps financial assistance and their investment in long-term support.