Pathfinders Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025


Pathfinders is committed to improving the lives of people affected by discrimination, hardship, inequity or neglect through a diverse range of services offered across the life span, from services that help children thrive to support for their parents to participate fully in the community and create their own thriving families.

Our broad suite of services include child protection and out of home care, family support, family preservation and referrals, disability support services, education and vocational programs, and a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander birth certificate program.

Our strategic plan is our vision for the next five years. It’s our guiding document, setting out our vision, our mission, our values, our strengths and our communities. All areas that guide us in our service delivery and client commitment each and every day. It outlines the direction we want to take and how we’re going to get there. This strategic plan sets an ambitious agenda as we continue to evolve and adapt to areas of emerging need, particularly as our communities address new and emerging health and economic challenges.

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