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International Projects

Pathfinders has proudly supported two international projects and we intend on undertaking more projects in the future.

Disability support services and resources in Ghana

Ghana project

In 2012, Pathfinders teamed up with the Crescent Educational and Volunteer Service (CEVS) in Ghana, West Africa. This partnership led to the construction of a Disability Assessment and Support Centre that offers individuals living with a disability access to information, support and specialised services.

In collaboration with Accra, CEVS, the Special Education Division of Ghana Education Service, and funding from the UN Volunteer Fund, Pathfinders also developed a manual that supports the education and inclusion of children with disabilities.

The manual, Raising Community Awareness on the Rights of People with Disabilities and Developing Capacity for Community Support & Inclusive Education Practice in Ghana, includes comprehensive information that helps teachers, parents and volunteers understand the characteristics of children with disabilities, their personal development and learning needs, and how to support them in school and at home. The manual has created positive relationships and is now available Ghana-wide.

Training workshops were organised to augment the knowledge of teachers, parents and volunteers about the rights of people with disabilities, inclusive education and community-based rehabilitation.

Supporting education in Vanuatu

Pathfinders worked with the Armidale Church of Christ to build schools and classrooms for Ranwadi Churches of Christ College, based in remote Vanuatu on Pentecostal Island. Education is an important foundation for all communities, and Pathfinders was proud to be a part of this exciting venture.

A number of carers and young people from Pathfinders’ programs were involved in building the school, and for one young man, it was his first time on an aeroplane. The volunteers spent several weeks in the Pacific Islands alongside ten people from Armidale with various skills and backgrounds.

This unique opportunity taught the young people many valuable life skills. They learnt teamwork, problem solving, initiative and strong communication. They also got to experience what it’s like to live on basic provisions, only having access to electricity from a generator every evening for three hours – yet they showed gratitude and respect for the people of Vanuatu and took it all in their stride.

Building new school in Vanuatu

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