Projects to help our community

Community Projects

Pathfinders pumpkin run

The Pumpkin Run delivers pumpkins grown at the Pathfinders Tilbuster Station to local nursing homes, soup kitchens and charities who use the produce to cook hot meals for those in need.
Working in a farm young people experience productive activity in nature and develop a sense of community.

Pathfinders was involved in two international projects in Ghana, West Africa and Vanuatu.
In partnership with the Crescent Educational and Volunteer Service (CEVS), Pathfinders helped the construction of a Disability Assessment and Support Centre that offers in Ghana.
In remote Vanuatu on Pentecostal Island Pathfinders worked with the Armidale Church of Christ to build schools and classrooms for Ranwadi Churches of Christ College.

pathfinders ghana international projects
Clothesline project

The clothesline project creates community awareness and education of the issue of violence against women, men and children. For those who have been affected by domestic violence or abuse, it is a means of expressing emotions by decorating to t-shirt to display on a community clothesline.

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