Pathfinders Pumpkin Run

Pumpkin Run

Since 2014, Pathfinders has conducted an annual Pumpkin Run to support at-risk youth and disadvantaged people in the community.
The result of the program has been successful on many fronts – we have seen an increase in engaged young people who have a sense of pride in giving back, and we have used locally-grown produce to feed homeless and disadvantaged people.

What is the Pumpkin Run?

The Pumpkin Run delivers pumpkins grown at the Pathfinders Tilbuster Station to local nursing homes, soup kitchens and charities who use the produce to cook hot meals for those in need.

The process of growing the pumpkins at Tilbuster Station is incorporated into the life skills programs Pathfinders provide to at-risk youth and local families. It is a working farm where young people can go for work experience, productive activity in nature, and a sense of community.

Through the Pumpkin Run, many tonnes of pumpkins and produce have been grown and harvested by our out-of-home care youth and subsequently donated to provide healthy hot meals for people in need.

Why is the Pumpkin Run important?

Pathfinders Pumpkin Run has been a great success in helping our at-risk youth and the disadvantaged. By donating pumpkins and cooking meals to those in need across New South Wales, our young people engage in the action of generosity and feel a sense of pride in giving back to the community.

Over 20 tonnes of pumpkins and produce has been grown and harvested by our out-of-home care kids and donated to thousands of men, women, children and families in need through the Pumpkin Run since 2014.

As the Pumpkin Run’s success grows, so does the need to deliver more food. The demand for food relief is rising, with over 3.6 million Australians experiencing food insecurity at some point each year – 27% of which are children. Hunger is an affliction suffered by everyone. It affects males, females, children, the elderly, single people, families, students, employed, unemployed and retired people. High risk groups include
homeless people, people with disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians. It is urgent for federal, state and local organisations to strengthen their efforts and commitment to ensuring homeless and disadvantaged populations have sufficient food to eat. The Pathfinders Pumpkin Run is our way of bridging this gap and shows our commitment to finding solutions for the issue of food insecurity.

Looking to the future

Pathfinders will launch its next annual Pumpkin Run from Armidale in mid 2023, with an estimated donation of 10 tonnes of pumpkins.

The pumpkins will be used to feed the homeless and disadvantaged across NSW, stopping in Tamworth and Newcastle, as we travel to Sydney for the final leg of 2023 Pumpkin Run.

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