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What is Foster Care?

Foster care is an arrangement where a family or an individual cares for other people’s children in their own home.

Children are placed in foster care when they are unable to live at home because they have suffered or are likely to suffer harm. This harm may be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and/or neglectful.

There are many children in NSW who need safe families to care for them. We would be delighted to hear from people who are willing to take on this important role.

Types of Foster Care

Kinship care

Kinship care refers to situations where children are cared for by people known to them. They may be family, family friends or community members such as teachers, police and other members of the community that have an existing relationship with the child or young person.

Emergency care

Emergency care refers to the care provided to children and young people when they are first brought into care. The child will often go to an emergency carer while family options or more long-term options are explored. This can be a matter of days, or it could be up to six months.

Restoration care

Children may come into temporary care due to parental illness, crisis or family breakdown. The goal is often to restore these children to their families over a period of time.

Long-term care

Some children are placed in permanent care by the court, usually until the child reaches the age of 18. These children and young people require stable long-term placements to help them reach their full potential.

High needs care

Some children or young people who come into care require a high level of support due to a range of issues. These children require dedicated carers who have no young children of their own.

Respite care

Caring for children can be challenging – respite care allows full-time carers to have a break. Providing respite care is a good way to experience fostering if you are not ready for a full-time commitment.

Fostering with a view to guardianship

When a carer has had a child for more than two years and restoration with the birth parent/s has been ruled out, carers can apply for guardianship where they get parental responsibility for the child or young person. This means there are no more casework visits. Limited financial support is provided to guardians, including a fortnightly allowance and a financial package to meet identified expenses.

Fostering with a view to adoption

Carers can apply to adopt children in their long-term care if restoration has been ruled out and the placement is stable. Adoption is not supported for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people.

Looking for enthusiastic carers

Foster carers play a vital role in giving these children safe and caring homes, helping to change their lives for the better. We are looking for enthusiastic carers from a wide range of backgrounds. Carers must be at least 21 years old and can be single women or men, cohabiting, married or same-sex couples, with or without children. There is no prerequisite for being a carer, just a commitment to support and advocate for children and young people in need of a caring environment.

Pathfinders Foster Care team is seeking caring, committed people to become foster carers. We are seeking people for long-term, temporary, and respite care for children and young people aged 0-18 in the care of the Minister of Community Services.

If you are interested in taking the first steps to find out more, you can download our Foster Care Information Pack here or send us an enquire below and one of our team will reach out to you.

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Foster Care Information Package Download

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Receive a Foster Care Information Pack

Pathfinders Foster Care Information Package includes information on becoming a foster carer with Pathfinders, answers frequently asked questions, and provides you with a step-by-step guide to becoming a carer.

The package outlines the training topics and requirements, details are provided on home visits, and what you can expect from Pathfinders throughout the assessment process.

You can download our Foster Care Information Package online or we can mail you one if you would prefer, simply contact our office on 1800 314 199 and we will arrange for our pack to be sent to you.


Contact our team to find out more about fostering a child. We can help you understand the process of becoming a foster carer and what is involved. Our team can answer any questions or concerns you might have to determine if becoming a foster carer is the right decision for you.

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