Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall is the Senior Manager for Corporate Services and has been an influential member of the leadership team since 2013 when she joined Pathfinders as Human Resources Manager. 

She is responsible for a broad suite of programs and services, including: Human Resources, Work, Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, Special Projects, training and education, Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program and Cultural Support, Specialist Homelessness Services, Aboriginal Early Years Program, NDIS, family and youth support programs, Non-Placement Support Services, Therapeutic Care, media and promotions, and grant and tender works. 

A strategic thinker, people orientated and empathetic, Joanne has been integral to the success and growth of Pathfinders. 

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Business with a Double Major in Human Resources and Economics from the University of Southern Queensland and is currently undertaking a Juris Doctor from the same university. 

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