Simon’s Just 4 U Backpacks Project

Incoming! One more bunch of backpacks to brighten a child’s day. 86 backpacks have been recently delivered to Pathfinders from the Walcha Rotary Club and shared right across our Out-of-Home-Care program.

Inside these backpacks you will find the basic necessities for kids receiving out-of-home care. Each item carefully packed into the bags with much compassion and consideration. Things like pyjamas, toiletries, underwear, socks, a cool t-shirt, shorts, a drink bottle, colouring pencils, great books, and a soft, cuddly toy are among the items to be discovered inside. The simple things to support a child through a difficult time in their life.

A young boy from Walcha, Simon, started this project after becoming aware of the distress children face in care. Simon’s parents are carers, and so he witnessed first-hand how these children often had no possessions of their own to take with them during their transition into care. Gifting a backpack filled with goodies to less fortunate children was the generous idea Simon had in mind for his 8th birthday in 2020. Donations like these can have a significant impact on a child’s self-esteem, it can build resilience, help to empower them, improve their overall mental health, and serves as a reminder that they are worthy, they matter, and they are loved. 

The Rotary Club of Walcha were onboard with Simon’s idea and helped bring it to life. To date, approximately 500 bags have now been packed and delivered throughout the New England and North West area over the last few years. A project like this requires ongoing funding, which means hard work, holding BBQ’s and selling lots of raffle tickets. The Rotary Club are always seeking further donations to keep this project running.

Pathfinders would like to thank Simon and the Rotary Club of Walcha for their kindness and generosity towards children in need.

If you would like to know more about Simon’s Just 4 U Backpacks, the Rotary Club of Walcha, or how to donate visit for more information.

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