Delivering to OzHarvest and the Salvation Army

Our amazing team, with the enthusiastic help of our young people, has successfully loaded trucks and delivered over 100 pumpkins to the Newcastle Salvation Army and many more to OzHarvest during this year’s Pumpkin Run.

They say many hands make light work, and this was certainly the case! Our young helpers lined up and worked as a team to ensure these fresh pumpkins reached the hands of those in need.

OzHarvest was especially grateful for the donation and took the time to explain to our young people the significance of their contribution.

“Unlike our regular donations, which often consist of unused food or almost expired produce, these pumpkins are fresh, healthy, and straight from Pathfinders’ farmers to the kitchen. Because the pumpkins are so fresh, they will last and help us support a lot of people!”

Did you know: If stored correctly, pumpkins can last from 3 months to an entire year!

A huge thank you to our young volunteers for their generosity and hard work, and to OzHarvest and the Salvation Army for their continued support of our community members in need.

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