Renovations at Tilbuster Station and the Royal

Tilbuster Station Farm, Armidale  

Tilbuster Station has undergone a significant transformation during the 2019–2020 year. Renovations have been carried out both internally and externally on the homestead while structural work conducted on the existing original sheds is in the final stages of completion.  

The transformation is in readiness for the training centre to be used by Pathfinders and external sources. Work undertaken includes the homestead which is now fit for habitation meaning a range of programs will soon start, ensuring Tilbuster is an asset to our clients, staff and community. New fencing has also been constructed and repairs to existing fencing and along the driveway has begun.  

All of this work has continued despite the region and much of the state experiencing the worst drought in some time. Unfortunately, the worsening conditions also resulted in the sale of cattle from the farm this year.  

Negotiations have now been finalised to ensure regular upkeep of the Tilbuster grounds, works to sheds and farm infrastructure and soon horticultural activities will resume.  

Pathfinders has commenced a traineeship and mentoring at Tilbuster and 2020-2021 will see Tilbuster progress into a new phase of production and prosperity for Pathfinders and the community. 

The Royal, Glen Innes  

The Pathfinders Royal had significant work undertaken this year to further transform the former Royal Hotel in Glen Innes into a foyer for accommodation, training, business enterprises, employment and community activity.  

While the Royal is operational and better than ever, further improvements are underway. Major transformations currently being implemented include the installation of the industrial café kitchen.  

Once all major work is completed, the Royal will be Australia’s first regional and rural foyer. It will provide a valuable integrated link of health, employment and education support services for underprivileged and disadvantaged young people.  

It has been a busy and successful year, and the centre will continue to provide support for residents to develop the skills they need to lead fulfilling, independent and productive lives well into the future. 

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