Tyler Murray named Agribusiness Student of the Year- TAFE NSW Gili Awards

Congratulations to Pathfinders’ employee, Tyler Murray 23, a proud Biripi man who was named the Gili 2023 Agribusiness Student of the Year, at the 33rd TAFE NSW GILI Awards, held in Sydney on May 31.

Tyler said he was “shocked” to receive the award after recently receiving the TAFE Excellence Award – Trainee of the Year 2023 earlier this month.

“I was really proud to be nominated for the Gili Awards and I was just grateful to have the opportunity to attend the award ceremony in Sydney. It is a real honour for me to receive this award, I thank Uncle Toni Simmons, Pathfinders, and my TAFE teacher Paddy (Patrick Fagan) for helping me to get this far.” said Mr Murray.

The TAFE NSW Gili Awards acknowledge excellence in Aboriginal education and training within TAFE NSW. The awards highlight and celebrate TAFE NSW Aboriginal student’s achievements, as well as innovative programs and the dedication of TAFE NSW staff members, that help empower Aboriginal people and communities every day.

CEO for Pathfinders, Alan Brennan, said Tyler highly deserved the award and the entire Pathfinders team was incredibly proud of this achievement.

“I am very pleased for Tyler, and I praise the commitment of our team, Tyler has been supported by Pathfinders for almost 10 years, having been able to utilise a number of our programs and services, Tyler has achieved some remarkable outcomes over the years.

What Tyler has now accomplished is a great example of what a young person can achieve when they are connected and provided with the right supports.” Said Mr Brennan

Tilbuster Station where Tyler completed his traineeship, is a working farm that was gifted to Pathfinders, with the condition it would provide support to disadvantaged young people and their families to help them to become thriving members of our communities. Pathfinders is delivering on its commitment, by providing a range of agricultural activities tailored to build confidence, communication, and positive self-esteem for young people and their families.

The activities that young people have the opportunity to participate in play a major role in the work Pathfinders does with at-risk youth. The young people engaging in our programs and services have good days and bad days, and for them, Tilbuster is a safe and supportive place, they can talk and yarn with others, while they learn. The team has worked to create an environment where young people have a sense of belonging, and that is really important.

“We are pleased to see how far Tyler has come, and that he is now wanting to support other young people while working at Tilbuster Station.” Said Mr Brennan

Tyler’s TAFE teacher, Patrick Fagan, who nominated Tyler for the awards said Tyler showed great motivation and attitude to complete his Agricultural qualification at the Armidale campus.

“His skill level has improved incredibly, and his communication skills have greatly benefited from this training. He was given the confidence and reassurance through the course to transfer these skills into the workplace,” he said.

“What is important to me is that Tyler overcame personal issues to continue his studies in Agriculture when a lot of other students may have given up in the past.”

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