TAFE NSW Gili Awards Nomination

Tyler Murray and Anthony Simmons, at Pathfinders Tilbuster Station May 2023.

Pathfinders trainee and TAFE NSW Excellence Award recipient Tyler Murray has been nominated by the Armidale TAFE campus, for a second prestigious award.

The 2023 TAFE NSW Gili Awards acknowledge excellence in Aboriginal education and training within TAFE NSW. The awards highlight and celebrate TAFE NSW Aboriginal student’s achievements, as well as innovative programs and the dedication of TAFE NSW staff members, that help empower Aboriginal people and communities every day.

Tyler’s TAFE Teacher, Patrick Fagan said early this month, Tyler showed great motivation and attitude to complete his Agricultural qualification at the Armidale campus.

“His skill level has improved incredibly, and his communication skills have greatly benefited from this training. He was given the confidence and reassurance through the course to transfer these skills into the workplace,” he said.

“What is important to me is that Tyler overcame personal issues to continue his studies in Agriculture when a lot of other students may have given up in the past.”

Tyler and Anthony Simmons, Pathfinders Resource Coordinator will travel to Sydney on Wednesday, June 31 to attend the TAFE NSW 2023 Gili Awards ceremony.

Congratulations to all of the students, teachers, industry partners, employers and community groups for being nominated for the 2023 Gili Awards.

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