The 2023 Pumpkin Run Concludes with a Memorable Morning Tea at Government House

After a week-long journey, travelling over 600 kilometres to deliver donations during this year’s Pumpkin Run, the Pathfinders team received a prestigious invitation to Government House for a delightful morning tea. This special event, hosted by the esteemed NSW Governor, Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, marked the culmination of the Pumpkin Run in style.

Following a busy week of travel and community support, the Pumpkin Run team was honoured with an invitation to Government House for a well-deserved morning tea. It was a moment to pause, reflect, and indulge in a delightful array of treats specially prepared by the talented chefs at Government House, incorporating the very pumpkins harvested from Tilbuster Station.

During the morning tea, special guests joined the Pathfinders team, including Pathfinders CEO Alan Brennan, who expressed gratitude to the organisation’s staff, volunteers, and young participants. Their unwavering commitment and dedication were acknowledged, as they cooked meals, provided support, and made a positive impact in the communities they served. The event also provided an opportunity to thank the partners and supporters who attended, recognising their invaluable contributions to Pathfinders’ mission of supporting youth and making a difference in the community.

This exceptional event exemplified the spirit of collaboration, generosity, and community engagement that drove the success of the Pumpkin Run. The heartfelt thanks extend to everyone who supported this year’s initiative, whether through donations, volunteer efforts, or words of encouragement.

As this year’s Pumpkin Run comes to a close, Pathfinders eagerly anticipates future opportunities to continue their meaningful work. The overwhelming support received and the positive impact achieved underscore the importance of ongoing efforts to support youth and create lasting change in the community. The Pumpkin Run team looks forward to welcoming all supporters once again for the next Pumpkin Run, as they continue to make a difference and uplift the lives of young individuals.

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