Inspiring Connections: Pathfinders Youth Meet UNICEF Australia’s 2023 Youth Ambassadors

A select group of young individuals from Pathfinders had the privilege of meeting the newly recruited Youth Ambassadors at UNICEF Australia earlier this month in Sydney. This special afternoon tea provided an opportunity for these passionate and motivated youth to connect, share stories, and engage in discussions on important topics.

The UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador program aims to empower young people aged 15-24 to become advocates for children’s rights and amplify the voices of Australia’s youth. These enthusiastic ambassadors are selected from various regions across the country, and they receive comprehensive training in leadership, advocacy, media and communications, and meaningful engagement with other young individuals. The program emphasises key areas such as Climate Change & Disasters, First Nations Social Justice & Digital Safety, and Wellbeing, allowing participants to leverage their lived experiences to support major campaigns.

The meeting with Pathfinders took place at the UNICEF Australia head office in Pyrmont, creating an inspiring backdrop for the afternoon tea. The young participants from Pathfinders had the opportunity to come together, sharing their stories, experiences, and aspirations. Led by Freya Conomos, the Child and Youth Engagement Manager, the afternoon group session fostered an environment of open dialogue and understanding, centering on the needs and interests of young people.

During the meeting, the Pathfinders youth and the UNICEF Australia Youth Ambassadors formed invaluable connections. Together, they explored shared interests, discovering common ground and shared passions. Through engaging conversations, they exchanged ideas and perspectives on critical issues that affect young people today. The gathering provided a platform for mutual support and a sense of solidarity among the attendees.

The meeting between the Pathfinders youth and the UNICEF Australia Youth Ambassadors was a powerful testament to the potential of young voices and their collective ability to drive positive change. Through the Young Ambassador program, UNICEF Australia provides a platform for passionate individuals to make a difference in areas that impact the lives of children and young people. The connections formed during this gathering have laid the groundwork for future collaborations, ensuring that these motivated youth continue to advocate for children’s rights and contribute to a better future for all.

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