Young people from Momentum program showing his learner 'L'

Young Momentum applicants are ticking all the boxes

A number of young Momentum applicants have been successful in completing the first stages of the Momentum program. Pathfinders Momentum Coordinator shares with us the success of one of the program’s young applicants.

The first day I met Tiger was when I picked him up for the commencement of M Week where applicants participate in Learner driver classes and driving lessons with Instructors from ACE Community Collages.

Tiger is a very quiet and well-mannered young man. On the drive, I asked Tiger how he thought he would go with the Learner Drivers Knowledge Test and he said, “ I’m not sure as I am a bit Dyslexic, but I will give it a go”. I reassured him that he had a very good teacher from ACE Community Colleges and that if he needed a hand, I was here to help him along with the other facilitators in the Momentum Program, he seemed a lot more relaxed after being reassured that he had plenty of supporters. On the drive home from the first day, he was in good spirits, telling me “ George (ACE Instructor) is a good teacher and funny at times”.   

As Tiger continued with his M-week training course, the day finally came for Tiger to take the Learner Drivers Knowledge Test, he said that he was up late the night before practising for the test on his phone and had got a couple of answers wrong, so he was a little bit apprehensive, but he seemed determined no matter what the outcome. 

Not wanting to add any pressure on Tiger, I let him attend the test on his own, so he could concentrate.  Once the test was complete, he came back outside to meet us and had a smile from ear to ear, and gave me a high five, he had successfully passed the test.

Tiger has told us that he is glad that he sign up for Momentum, and will be telling his mates about the program, he is very grateful for the help and support he has received from the team.

After losing his birth certificate at a young age, he is now grateful to have a copy and is very proud to have an official ID and now his new learner’s license!

Tiger would like to work as a butcher and is hoping to find an apprenticeship in the local area so that he can help support his mother and siblings.

Congratulations Tiger on completing M Week and we wish you all the best with the next steps of the Momentum program with support from Real Futures.

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