aboriginal transition to school program

Aboriginal Transition to School Program Helping Local Kids

Pathfinders launched the Aboriginal Transition to School Program (ATTS) in 2017 to provide Aboriginal children between the ages of 3 and 6 years with access to quality pre-school and school education. The program covered Armidale, Inverell, Ashford, Tingha, Uralla and Walcha, with a Learning Circle available in Inverell, Ashford and Tingha.

Our Learning Circle is where the children who are not developmentally ready to attend a formal pre-school setting come together to work on their skills in a fun and safe environment. Participation in this Learning Circle occurs if other external providers have no vacancies and if parents and carers wish for their child to continue to access the Pathfinders ATTS Program until they’re ready for pre-school.

The ATTS facilitator, Amanda Doye, supported the children and their families on their educational journeys to ensure that their education experience was a positive one.

Amanda Doye, Pathfinders ATTS Facilitator

“As an early childhood educator, I know that a child’s brain develops more in the first five years of life than at any other time. My role as the ATTS facilitator is to break down barriers that are stopping these children from accessing the best education possible. I am here to support these children and their families in any way I can.”

Amanda Doye

The ATTS program offered the following:

  • Finds pre-school and school placements.
  • Assists with filling in the enrolment paperwork.
  • Supports child and family with transition from pre-school to school.
  • Increases number of days per week the child attends pre-school.
  • Improves school readiness for Aboriginal children emotionally, socially and academically.
  • Completes a thorough developmental assessment.
  • Assists with referrals and linking to other services as needed. These include Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program and Armajun Health Service.

Today the ATTS program has been converted to the Aboriginal Early Years program.

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