Bec Nominated for Inspirational Woman of The Year

Disability program staff nominated Woman of the Year

Ms Bec Browning, a Linker at Pathfinders Abilities Links, is causing excitement across the New England North West after being nominated for “Inspirational Woman of the Year”.

Bec was nominated by disability service provider Kirinari in recognition for her astounding work across a range of sectors in the community.

“This nomination is a testimonial to the commitment Bec has for the job. And to have her recognised outside of the organisation shows her impact and devotion to the community. On behalf of the Pathfinders Ability Links team, I would like to thank the Kirinari organisation and congratulate Bec on her great work,” Coordinator for New England North West Ability Links, Brett Pischke said.

Bec is well-known within the community for her ‘Splash on Peel’ art workshop for women and ‘Drum Beat’ music workshops, helping with confidence and mental health, but her tireless work with the annual Festival of Abilities is a poignant part of her community engagement.

The Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year, and showcases the wide variety of opportunities that are available in Tamworth and surrounding areas for all ages and abilities, allowing people to build social connections around common interests.

Because of people like Bec, businesses are now asking how they are able to make the region more inclusive. They’re continually opening their doors with volunteering roles and even paid positions to people that traditionally would be overlooked.

True to form, Bec has taken the nomination with grace and humility.

“It has been a little overwhelming to be honest. It’s like I’m getting a huge hug from the community. I’m not sure what happens next, but what I do know is I will continue to try and make a difference in a positive way, that’s all we can ask of ourselves” .

Pathfinders’ wishes a heartfelt thanks to the Kirinari organisation, and to Bec. It’s the tireless efforts from people like Bec which give the rest of us the courage and strength to make a real difference.

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