Ulysses club donation to Pathfinders disability services

Tamworth Biker Club Makes Generous Donation to Pathfinders’ Disability Service

The Ulysses Club Tamworth Branch’s free motorbike rides created plenty of smiles at the recent Pathfinders Ability Links Festival of Abilities – and this week they continued their support with a $1000 donation to the program.

David McCoy, President of the Ulysses Club Tamworth Branch, said the Club sold raffle tickets at meetings to raise money, and they were inspired to donate to Ability Links after the Blue Liners Australia Touring Motorcycle Club made a donation at last year’s Festival.

“We’ve been part of the [Festival of Abilities] for two years running, and we can see the real need,” Mr McCoy said.

“We’ve formed a bit of an affinity for the people. Not just the clients, but for the key Ability Links workers too. We thought what better cause!

“If it bought a chair or some aid to make one person’s life better, it would be worthwhile. If it makes a difference to one person who needs it then that’s what it’s all about.”

Brett Pischke, Pathfinders Ability Links Coordinator, said he was thrilled with the generosity from the Ulysses Club Tamworth Branch and for their continued support of the Ability Links program.

“The Ulysses Club members, with the help of Tamworth Fire and Rescue, make people at the Festival with a range of abilities all feel like there are no limits to what they can do,” he said.

“It ties in perfectly with Ability Links’ mission to build social inclusion and participation so that people with a disability are able to access and participate in activities available to the general community.”

Tamworth Linker, Rebecca Browning, said the Ulysses Club’s participation and donation goes well beyond the Festival of Abilities as it shows community groups coming together to support people with a disability and their service providers.

“We’ve helped more than 260 participants in the New England North West, with about 85 of them being from Tamworth,” she said.

“It’s great to see local organisations like Ulysses feeling inspired by our work and getting behind the work we do through Ability Links.”

Ability Links NSW team
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