Homelessness week 2023

National Homelessness Week

During this National Homelessness Week, Pathfinders will shed light on the critical issue of homelessness that affects far too many lives. We are dedicated to raising awareness, fostering compassion, and driving impactful change within our communities.

National Homelessness Week highlights that homelessness knows no boundaries – it can impact anyone, regardless of their background. At Pathfinders, we are committed to providing support, resources, and pathways to empower those facing homelessness, helping them to regain stability and rebuild their lives.

On any given night over 122,000 people in Australia are experiencing homelessness. Of those affected by homelessness, 1 in 7 are children under 12 years of age and 23% of those affected are young individuals aged 12 to 24 years of age.

Homelessness isn’t solely “rooflessness” – only 6.2% are sleeping rough. The majority of homeless are hidden – living in crisis accommodation, insecure housing, and overcrowded dwellings.

To help more Australians access safe and affordable housing, the Australian Government is developing a National Housing and Homelessness Plan (the Plan) in collaboration with state and territory governments. The Plan will be a 10-year strategy. It will set out a shared vision to inform future housing and homelessness policy in Australia. You are invited to share your ideas and experiences by either responding to guided, short-form questions or lodging a written submission.

This week our collective efforts can make an impact. To read more about ending homelessness read: Homelessness Australia: A Plan to End Homelessness (2022) and Critical Issues in Australia’s 10-year national housing and homelessness plan.

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