Pathfinders Day 2: Pumpkin Run in Coffs Harbour

Day two of the Pumpkin Run was a busy and rewarding day held at the Uniting Church Soup Place in Coffs Harbour. The Soup Place provides between 30 to 50 meals per day from Monday to Friday. The lunchroom was full of energy when our young volunteers arrived, enthusiastic and ready to lend a hand.

Inside the Soup Place, our young people jumped right into action. They helped set up tables and chairs for the lunch service, ensuring everything was in place. The dining room was a hive of activity as they assisted in setting all the tables with cutlery, ready for the lunchtime rush. Their eagerness and energy were evident as they worked together to create a welcoming environment for the community.

Outside, the young volunteers set up marquees and covered the tables with bright orange bags filled with fresh pumpkins. These pumpkins, a gift from Tilbuster Station, were ready to be distributed to the community.

Lunch for all was a special treat—pumpkin soup made from the very pumpkins being distributed. The young volunteers not only contributed to the meal preparation but also engaged with the community, making connections and providing cheerful conversation for the guests.

In addition to their efforts at the Soup Place, our dedicated young people extended their support to other vital services in the area. They delivered donations to Pete’s Place, a crucial Vinnies support service that provides food, showers, laundry facilities, and other assistance to over 170 people each week. The young people’s contributions were deeply appreciated, reinforcing the importance of generosity and community support.

The team also donated to the Coffs Harbour Women’s and Children’s Refuge and the Neighbourhood Centre, delivering fresh pumpkins and freshly cooked soup.

Next, the team will head to Taree to help at the CatholicCare Community Kitchen.

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