Day 2 – Pathfinders Pumpkin Run The Soul Hub Newcastle

Spreading Generosity and Nourishment in Newcastle

The Pumpkin Run team kicked off day 2 of the annual Pumpkin Run with an early start, arriving at the Soul Hub in Newcastle at 8 am. Their mission was to set up and provide assistance throughout the day, supporting the Soul Hub’s commitment to serving the needs of the poor, needy, and vulnerable in the community.

Soul Hub Newcastle originally established in 2003 as Soul Café, has been dedicated to helping those facing adversity. Today, it continues its purpose with unwavering energy and passion. Beyond providing meals, the Soul Hub aims to be more than just a dining experience, offering a wide range of support and assistance to every individual who walks through their doors.

In 2022 alone, Soul Hub served an incredible 53,313 meals, symbolising their vital role in combating hunger within the community. The impact they have made is immeasurable, and it is even more evident with the remarkable increase in demand. In May 2023, Soul Hub experienced a staggering 61% rise in meals served, surpassing any previous records. This upward trend has continued, with an average monthly increase of 38%. Each meal provided represents not only sustenance but also an opportunity for meaningful conversations, fostering connections, and guiding individuals towards additional support services.

The Arrival of Pathfinders and the Pumpkin Run brought a vibrant burst of orange to Newcastle as the Pathfinders crew arrived with hundreds of pumpkins to donate to the Soul Hub, Ozharvest Newcastle and the community.

Pathfinders CEO, Alan, emphasised the significance of the Pumpkin Run, in an early morning interview with ABC Newcastle, stating that it’s about more than just distributing pumpkins. The experience of the Pumpkin Run instils a sense of pride and growth within the young participants from Pathfinders, helping them stand taller. Both Pathfinders and Soul Hub share a vision of creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging, particularly those who are often overlooked or marginalised.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Pathfinders, Soul Hub, and OzHarvest, the impact of the Pumpkin Run in Newcastle goes beyond the immediate distribution of pumpkins. Hundreds of pumpkins will be delivered to communities’ most vulnerable individuals, ensuring that they have nourishing food for days to come. This initiative serves as a reminder of the power of generosity and the profound difference it can make in the lives of those in need.

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