Pathfinders Young People helping at the Kindly Animal Sanctuary

From a donation made during Pathfinders Pumpkin Run, a new partnership has formed for the Tilbuster team at Pathfinders, this new partnership is making a real difference in the lives of both rescued animals and our young people. We are delighted to share the news of our new collaboration with Kindly Animal Sanctuary in Armidale.

Our journey began with a simple yet impactful idea, repurposing wasted pumpkins to feed rescue animals at Kindly Animal Sanctuary. Since the first donation, this partnership has flourished, spearheaded by proprietor Naomi Hooper. Naomi’s generosity has allowed us to bring young people from our Tilbuster program to the sanctuary every Tuesday.

The success of this endeavor has exceeded our expectations. Coles Second Bites program has joined hands to provide us with wasted vegetables and bread, contributing to the nourishment of these deserving animals. Under the watchful eyes of Naomi and our Tilbuster team, our young people are now participating in a range of activities that involve feeding and caring for rescued animals.

We are hoping to build on our new partnership by engaging in some helpful new projects such as helping to rebuild fence lines and small building projects with the assistance of volunteer and qualified builders. Collaborating with local land care, we aim to help plant 7500 eucalyptus trees, creating a haven for wild koalas in the area.

Our young people are enjoying this new collaboration with the success stories from our Tuesday trips now spreading through word of mouth, more and more young people are wanting to volunteer and come along each week.

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