Aboriginal family

Aboriginal Early Years Program –  Positive outcomes providing support for Aboriginal families

Pathfinders Aboriginal Early Years Program (AEYP) is a service to provide support to Aboriginal families, giving children between the ages of 2 and 6 years access to quality preschool and school education. Our AEYP facilitators support the child and their family on their educational journey making sure that their educational experience is a positive one.

AEYP worker at Woolbrook, Walcha

Woolbrook is a small rural community located 25km from Walcha with a number of Aboriginal families residing there. Merle our Armidale worker attended a Playgroup at Woolbrook and spoke to a number of parents of the children. There are usually 6 children who attend the playgroup, and 5 of those identify as Aboriginal. Merle has engaged with those Aboriginal families over a period of several months. She supported them in their attendance at Walcha Pre-School. Merle continued to attend the Playgroup frequently supporting those Aboriginal families whose children transitioned into Woolbrook Public School.

Engaging child with a disability in Narrabri

‘Wayne’ is a 4 year old boy at Narrabri who has been diagnosed with a number of learning and behavioural disorders. ‘Wayne’ has to attend school next year, however, due to those disorders needs ongoing intensive support to be school ready. Rhiannon, the Narrabri AEYP worker has organised the family to be supported in regards to NDIS application for Early Intervention as well as some Family Support. Rhiannon is also attending a Narrabri Pre-School with the child and his mother on a weekly basis. She provides intensive tuition to ‘Wayne’ and his mother, with particular attention to having ‘Wayne’ socialise with other children his own age. The mother of ‘Wayne’ was initially very difficult to engage with, however, now engages openly and without hesitation with Rhiannon.

Childcare support in Inverell

‘Sally’ is a 3-year-old whose mother approached Bernice, our worker at Inverell, to get some assistance with childcare options as she was commencing a TAFE course 2 days per week. Bernice supplied the mother with all the information of the appropriate centres and the child commenced attending preschool for that period of time. After a while, the mother wished to have the child go to another location. Bernice has then assisted with making arrangements for the child to attend a long-day care centre due to the mother being offered some work placement. As she has more time to concentrate on her work, hopefully, this placement will lead to further employment. The mother of ‘Sally’ was very appreciative of the assistance given by Bernice as she struggled with the confidence to make these arrangements.

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